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"The act of writing stimulates thought, so when you cannot think of anything to write, start writing anyway." Barbara Fine Clouse

What has changed through writing?

#100days #freewriting #typing I'm so excited about writing right now that I can't wait to get started. Yes, I enjoy putting my thoughts on paper with the help of the freewriting technique. As a side project, I have also started to learn how to type with 10 fingers. My thoughts around writing are consolidating at the moment. I currently don't manage to complete the #100days challenge every day. But that's not so bad, because I'm still on topic. After recording the text about my approach to maki...
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What is my approach to making music?

#100days #makemusic I threw down the musical process again today in frustration. I was once again ready to throw everything away and sell and never think about making music again. Just to forget about this agony. As I walked away from the equipment and hid my face in my hands, slowly, very slowly, clear thoughts came again. Unfortunately nothing concrete, I said to myself: Come out of here. Lie down. Meditate. Let go. After some time in silence, the frustration subsided. I asked myself what was...
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It's fouram

#100days Let's see how this blog will evolve, because many different topics are driving me. I feel the desire to write and go deep about things that interest me. I find the minimalist approach of listed.to very appealing. I have been writing notes in the Standard Notes application for a long time now. Again and again, the thought of running a small blog comes to my mind. So far, my attempts have failed because I could not maintain the necessary discipline to consistently produce content. In a w...
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