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Notes from my daily piano practice

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Practice #38 - chords theory

Working on making chords today. Majors, minors, sevenths, sharps, flats and octaves with and without the fifth note. Interesting how it all comes together when you know a wee bit of the theory.

Practice #37 - slurs and ties

Had lesson the the other day. Maninly on theory. despite being able to play some pieces now, I struggle with the theory, so I'm goig to spend a bit more time on that. Future me will be thankful. Here's a video on slurs and ties I found useful.

Practice #36 - James

Learning this for my pal James

Got a lesson later today. Yay.

Practice #35 - Repetition

Didn't do what I said I'd do yesterday. Instead, I just played the intro over and over until I got it. Trickier than it sounds. Repetition is good :)

Got a lesson in a couple of days too.

Practice time: 1 hour

Practice #34 - Into My Arms

Played for an hour tonight practicing the start of Into My Arms. I've had it on loop for a while and I've looked at the score, but I wanted to start playing it to get a feel for the rhythm. Tomorrow, I'll go back to look at the score and study it a bit more. Find the classical music easier to pick up tbh.

Practice time: 1 hour

Practice #33 - sevenths

Tonight I watched some videos on music theory. Here's a good video on creating 7th chords.

And the second part is here (which is a bit more complicated)

I also practice pieces I know and did a bit of scales work

Practice time: 2 hours

Practice #32 - other pianos

Been away on holiday for a few days so not played. Got back into it tonight and finished off memorising Saturday Sun. I now know it roughly and is a case of practicing it over and over. Will also get the friend to sing a long with it, as the timing is off.

When I was away I played two station pianos for a few minutes between trains. I struggled with the "realness" of it - I'm too used to the FP30. So I need to start playing other pianos to get better.

In time.

Practice time: 2 hours

Practice #31 - sledgehammer

I'm reading James Rhodes autobiography right now. He talks about spending a "few hours working methodically and slowly and you will end up playing brilliantly much, much more quickly and reliably than just going at it with a sledgehammer approach".

So I did that today with Le Matin for an hour. Slow with more concentration.

Practice time: 1 hour

Practice #30 - harder than it sounds

A nice one for beginners (me). One of the first I learned. Working on the tempo and technique. Harder than it sounds!

Short practice session today.

Practice time: 30 mins

Practice #29 - "oldies"

Practiced the old ones today. Keeping it fresh :)

Practice time: 2 hours

Practice #28 - Saturday Sun Intro

Started off today with a recording. Working on the rest of the song now. Should be easy :)

Practice #27 - same same

Same as below. Nearly there for a recording. Love it.

Practice time: 3 hours (seem like a long time for a few bars!)

Practice #26 - Satuday Sun

A couple of hours today on a new tune. Part of palying the piano performing and I'd like to be able to play with others too. So I suggested that I play for a friend who can sing. He recommended some of Nick Drake's songs. I've started with Saturday Sun, which is a stunning song. It looks easy to play but I struggled a little bit. I'll get there though.

Yesterday, I played for 30 minutes and continued my homework from the day before!

I also managed to get a book today from the local chairty shop on scales and appregios. Long over due!

Practice time: 2.5 hours

Practice #25 - having fun

I had fun today. When is started playing guitar years ago, I never wrote a song or chord pattern for years. Even when I did, it was shite.

As part of my piano lesson on reading sheet music, we wrote a few bars of notes. My homework was to extend it. Both in total and to add chords to the left hand. I did that today. It was good for reading and getting to know the notes. But I really enjoyed the creative part.

It probably sounds crap, but I'll record it soon.

Practice time: 2 hours

Practice #24 - same same

Same as yesterday.

But a new piece is coming.

Practice time: 45 mins

Practice #23 - a few days off

Had a few days off, as had friends visiting. Time off is probably a good thing. To get back into it tonight, I played the five pieces I know. And played them well. Better than I thought I would. I could definitely feel that they have settled into my fingers. Played some scales too, as it's so easy to neglect these - and I have been!

Practice time: 1.5 hours

Practice #21 & #22 - drilling

Yesterday and today, I just practiced over and over the five pieces I know. Very therapeutic, but more importantly, it is good to keep them fresh and really drill into the sections or bars that are not quite right.

I've got my next piece lined up. More on that tomorrow.

Practice time: 2 hours

Practice #20 - le matin

I played Le Matin for about an hour and a half tonight. It's no where near flawless, but I got it to a level where I could record it right through without getting stumped! Progress.

I ended with playing it right through very slowly. Easier said than done.

Practice time: 1.5 hours

Practice #19 - first recording!

Had a few days off work and been busy, so have just been spending 15-20 minutes messing around with chords when I was free. I've also been watching some YouTube videos on chords and scales, which is probably just as important as playing! Here's a video on the cirlce of fifths that is really useful.

Today, I got the FP linked to my mac and made my first recording of Prelude No 1. Here you go:

Practice #18 - simple stuff

An hour and a half of practicing the four pieces I know. Haven't done this in a while. You get rusty. So it was useful to just play, record and listen back.

Practice time: 1.5 hours