cover song update (day 9 of 100)

I have a couple of ideas for longer posts, but they're both on the heavier side. Since I'm not feeling very up to going deep into my feelings today, I'll give a little update on "Hallelujah." Slow and steady progress!

So far, I've:

  • figured out the main fingerpicking pattern and chord progression for everything except the bridge
  • transcribed the main guitar part into musical notation (both for future reference and to strengthen my music-reading muscles)
  • practiced playing and singing the lyrics at the same time, which I feel decent about at this stage
  • (new!) gotten the lyrics locked down
  • (new!) figured out the bassline (the notes the right thumb plays while fingerpicking) for the bridge
  • (new!) practiced all parts of the song except the bridge, and they're coming together nicely

What's left to do:

  • figure out and transcribe the rest of the guitar part for the bridge
  • practice the bridge, focusing on tricky parts
  • figure out the vocal harmonies
  • decide which other instruments to include in the arrangement, if any
  • record the various parts: main guitar and vocal, vocal harmonies, and any others, like second guitar or subtle keys
  • mixing and other simple post-production
  • record a simple video, edit if necessary
  • put it up!

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