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Sunday 11th August 2019 | Note to self.

Be it drugs, food, entertainment, sex, exercise, work or (add your own addiction here). One always lurking on the sidelines to follow the curtain call of another. The unceasing ebb and flow of habitual behaviours. Unregulated childlike consumption.

A distraction. Cold comfort. Suppress and deny. A means to belong. To be accepted. An identity. Compensation. To fix something that is not right. Was not right. Attachment to means past their best before date. Pleasure morphed into a chore. Mindless gratification. Illogical justification. Contrived added value. The cover-up. The racket. A loss of integrity. Life on autopilot.

Understanding and insight without action are little more than mental masturbation and dull conversation. Yeah, we know about your issues. Your childhood. Your fucked up parent(s). Your shitty partner. Your meaningless job. Join the club of unresolved upset and unmet expectations.

Habit and routines are a part of the human condition. Accept that and let it go. Experiment with moderation and diversity. Seek out the unexpected. Indulge in new and novel experiences. Reinvent and transform.

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