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Monday 12th August 2019 | Getting things done.

Yeah. I shall get those reports finished before we go away. I'll make a start over the weekend.

I'll make a start this afternoon after they all leave.

This music website if fucking great.

It'd be worth transferring a lot of this to my music player.

You know what? I best switch off the computer now. Go to bed. Make an early start on those reports tomorrow. Ohh what's that? A message from Dave. Am I going for a ride tomorrow? Of course. He's welcome to come. What time's good for you? 7.30 am. Sounds great. 160km. Oh. I'll do the reports when I get back.

Okay. Have a shower when I get back. Make a start.

I'm fucking knackered. Think I'll just gouch out before they get home. I'll get up early and do the report before I go out.

Best get up then.

Feed the cat.

Let's have some breakfast too.

Should get the washing in really.

Time for a shower.

This would be worth making a note of.

Right. I suppose it's time now to get on with that report...

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