Huawei Honor 9


I've using this device for a year now and I can tell you, it cannot be trusted. It shuts down some apps randomly, like medicine reminder apps and cloud sync services. You need to manually disable several power settings to keep these apps running. An update, however, can reset your settings and/or move them somewhere else in the system, possibly under a different name, and then you're back to a device that shuts down important apps randomly. Can you trust it with an alarm clock app? I don't think so.

Also, it doesn't sync some of your accounts. Which ones? Well, there's a surprise for you when you really don't need it. Just know this: some links, contacts or calendar posts that you saved on your online accounts when working on the computer might not be on your phone the next day when you need them. For that you need - you guessed it - to change some complicated settings. Better not be working on anything important before you learn those settings (or anytime after an update).

The settings menu, by the way, is a real treat. Lots and lots of submenus and hard to find adjustments. And like Facebook menus, it changes ever so often.

Oh, and then we have Bluetooth. The connection is dropped infrequently and inconveniently, booming out your music or podcast for everyone to hear on the tram. I haven't figured this one out yet, but knowing Huawei phones by know, it's probably some hidden power setting that have absolute priority over everything else in the system, including the user's explicit wishes to listen to music through luetooth headphones.

User? This phone it not for USER. It's for BORG legion.