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On Break

I thought I would not break the streak but there is something that needs immediate attention, time and focus. So I'm taking a break from this project and will return when the exams are done. I tried taking some time out each day for this but this is not working cause I'm constantly thinking either what to write next or how I could've made something more concise.

Yes, past me made a decision to not take even a single break, But right now its only feasible to take a break and focus on whats most important first. So its going to be near the end of November when I get back and start writing again.

Same Outfit

Let me just point out two very obvious things first.

  • I have no Idea about clothing in general.
  • I absolutely hate deciding what to wear.

One thing I liked about schools was the uniform, not the design or style or anything with uniform in particular, but the habit of wearing the one same thing each day everyday. I miss that in college. Now to make all college students wear one same thing is another debate, but I always wished if it was possible to do the same thing in college. Now as I'm at home, its been months since I've last thought about this.

Just a few minutes ago I came across this video where a woman wears the same t-shirt for like 3 years, it's quite impressive. I ended up watching a few similar videos, and I think I've finally made my mind.

The extra stress that comes each day with deciding what to wear is completely avoidable. So, that's exactly what I'm going to do. I don't think I'll be wearing exactly the same one, maybe similar styled or similar colored.


Its just 3 more days to exams and I didn't made any significant progress. I am trying to keep calm mind but its not happening cause I just possibly can't fool myself anymore. I just have to stop every other activity and go all in, from tomorrow.

I think I would need to re consider and have to set some basic rules or guidelines for writing process. On Someways I've tried writing about a specific topic, which is some value towards the getting better at writing, but on most other days I am just writing whatever has happened on that day, which isn't really a creatively challenging task, so this doesn't add anything to getting better at writing.

Also It doesn't make sense to keep writing about mundane activities that I'm doing everyday. I don't want to completely eliminate them instead use them only when they support, or provide context to discussion.

What are these new rules/guidelines going to be? I dont know yet. Would have to search for insights and things that have worked with people. Will Try those and figure out what works best.

Future is Now

As this year is about to end in month, let me remind you of something, 2050 is closer than 1990. Yes, do the calculations if you want to. I sure didn't believe and had to recheck on my 3rd grade arithmetic skills. So, Lets go back in time:

I was too young and-or too naive but never got personally experience and live through Y2K, The dot com, rise of youtube or twitter or 4chan or MySpace or any social Network, rise fall rise fall rise rise of bitcoin, the darkweb, personal blogging era, times of early html websites, Netscape browser, the IRC channels, the time of online flash games, rise and fall of flip phones, the launch of first iPhone or any of the million other things everyone can't stop talking about.

Reading, hearing, watching people reminiscent about these on a regular basis, often made me wonder that maybe I just missed out and would never know how they felt living through any of those. Additionally I would see this one line everywhere, that goes: The Gold old days of internet are never coming back. And here starts my two cents contribution to discussion: Yes, those were the olden days of the internet and they sure aren't coming back (thats how time works ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). But those weren't the only Golden days, I would argue that those were the initial ones what only gave a glimpse of what the future ones are going to look like, the real shit is actually starting now.

Not to be sounding as Rip Van Winkle, who just woke up after 20 years. but The future is here, its now. Sure we don't have flying cars yet, but we do have what few generations ago couldn't even imagine was possible. Almost anything is possible now, one can literally do anything they want and still possibly make a decent living, There has been no better time for monetizing, be it any obscure hobbies or passion. The days of working to not starve are long gone, the future is where you work for what you are interested or passionate about, which shouldn't even feel like work. This is probably the first time in human history where any of this is possible.

Here is some perspective: With optimistic estimates, currently only about 50% of the word population is on the web, Imagine that figure going up to 70% or 90%, It surely will in the next 2-3 decades or even sooner. We will need new tools, systems, technologies for problems that we can't even know until they arrive. The current Web already feels overwhelming with content but keep in mind this is only about 50% of worlds brains put to work. Statistically among the new web-users will have the greatest brains, great designers, great developers, great entrepreneurs, great storytellers, great curators. Imagine what could be the results when the whole word is online. Cat videos and Memes are obvious, but there would also be great contributions to every field, It gonna be fucking great time to be alive in, It is going to be brock lesnar shit.

These hopes, dreams, possibilities make me excited. Once after a really long time I don't get carried away by other peoples reminiscence or wishful thinking how in future we would've figured out everything. I feel actually excited for being alive in this time. period.

Special Day

Quick Side Note: This is the first first time I'm trying out writing for blog, like literally writing with pen and paper, not typing.

Today was a special day, Yes Halloween is cool, but not that. Today was special because had to change the AA batteries in the wall clock. I know this sounds really weird thing to feel special about but hear me out.

Every time I had replaced the old dead with a new one I would on a sticky note (attached on back-lid of clock) write the date and company name. I've been doing this consistently for last seven years, like actual seven freaking years, Can you believe that? I sure wouldn't. In a few recent years Ive also tried writing what was going on in my life in about 2 or 3 words. Each time I see that sticky note, I can vividly recall the very moment and what was going through my mind when I did that previously and same until I the very first time.

I possibly couldn't explain every single entry and associated memory but would choose one for time being, this is from 28-4-17 along with Power cell text written next was Nxt replace JEE. This was from the time when I was preparing, Nah! working my ass off for National level exams and was scared and really confused about future. which university? which course? which city? Everything was so goddamn uncertain. As of Today, i.e 31Oct2020, I'm almost halfway through my college. Reading those words and recalling the time when I actually wrote that, is really strange feeling which is even stranger to articulate in words.

This feeling-realization is also of the top reasons why I like to keep a journal-dairy. Another Example, I occasionally make notes of my fears, and reading them again from a time when I've overpowered them brings a totally different kind of chills. Journalling If done consistently, will give a still vague but slightly better sense of time and how your changing with it. I cant believe how much writing my own thoughts consistently has helped me, even though at the time of writing they were most mundane and uninteresting. I only wish I've started this earlier.

4 Stars

Was talking to a friend today about a movie, and he said it was on telegram. I knew there were communities dedicated to sharing movies, books, tools basically anything paid for free on telegram but was never really interested or concerned with it.

The last time I actually used telegram was back when I was still in school, somewhere in 2014. From what I can recall, It was basically a blue whatsapp and you can send PDF. I do remember one dude saying "Whatsapp is for uncles, and telegram is for us". Within a month or so removed the app and never thought about it again, until today.

I literally spent Last few hours reading about the app and I am quite impressed. Its what happens when Discord and Whatsapp have a child. For some reason, I always assumed telegram to be some shady marketplace which is dark web but PG-13. I don't know how true are their claims but at least from their website it is fairly impressive, and their stand strong on privacy and security.

Whenever some messaging service provides the ability to add bots it gets free like-ability points from me, haven't tested or made any bots yet but they look pretty hopeful and BOT API will be cool to use someday.

The learning curve isn't any issue cause as much as i try to get people start using discord, it usually fails. Telegram is the nice middle ground in between these two tools. will give it a 4/5.


If you struggled pronouncing the title of this note and wondered if that was even a real word, Let me tell you it is and definitely one of my all time favorite words. Here's Why

I first came across this word on 24th July, 2020 which coincidentally happened to be the 10th anniversary of Life In A Day: 2010 Documentary which was a collective project where people around the word documented what it was like to be alive on the 24th of July, 2010. All of those footage was then made into this one hour long documentary on YouTube. It is so goddamn beautiful, and it will surely give you a different perspective on things. Can't recommend it enough, just watch it on YouTube. You'll be amazed. Oops I missed the track lets return to main topic.

Something are better experienced the original way and I think no matter what I try something gets lost in translation and it isn't exactly the same anymore, so here is the 90 sec. Click here to go to youtube I bet you won't regret, and i promise its not a rick roll.

If for some reason I still wasn't able to convince you to click that link, scroll down to continue.

here is the same link again, never too late to change your mind.


That moment or feeling when two people want to initiate something,
but neither wants to be the one to start it

Two tribal leaders both wanting to make peace but neither wanting to be the one to begin it, or two be people at a party wanting to approach each other and neither quite brave enough to make the first move.

The word is from the Yaghan Languague, which is currently a dead language. (meaning no more people speak it)
The word is listed in The Guinness Book of World Records as the “most succinct word”. (most meaning in fewest words)

Into the rabbit hole:

  • Mamihlapinatapai Wiki Page: link

  • Some humorous Pronunciation: link

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  • How the Internet Changed the Meaning of 'Mamihlapinatapai: link

  • BBC: Lost language's untranslatable Legacy: link

  • From A blog, Analysis on the meaning & above BBC article: link

  • Mamihlapinatapai and Plek: A Critical Essay about Translation: link

  • Someone wrote a small poem: link

  • Someone wrote a small story: link

Hopeful Future

Having to end up in a 9 to 5 job, going to the same office, working hard for six days and then taking the Sunday off, though this might be something people aim for and want to do for their entire life. I was never a fan of this idea.

I always wanted to try different things without having to deal with any permanent commitments. I get interested in totally unrelated and obscure stuff real quick like one day I'll be reading about flag design, in next few minutes would discover the world of conlangs, soon found out about shorthand writing and already have added learning teeline shorthand as new bucket list item.

I don't necessarily hate my current major: Mechanical Engineering. Infact I do love Science and am happy to go as far to say Science Saved My Soul. Currently Its the only thing I'm somewhat decent at, It makes complete sense seeking a career in this field, and its fairly decent to achieve. But I don't want to do this for the rest of my life.

I'd want to teach, I'd want to write, I'd want to sketch, I'd want make animations, I'd want to make FOSS. I'd want to be able to do all these without having becoming a teacher or writer or artist or animator or developer.

I always wondered if there was a way to try my luck doing these obscure projects while also earning just enough to not starve myself. Whenever thought about the possibility of actually doing this came I'd just forcefully shut down my brain assuming it was all just wishful thinking. end to the conclusion that probably everyone hates their job and still have to do it anyway, and soon enough I'll be one of them. maybe that's how life works with compromises. it izz what it izz.

But From last year or so, Each day, I'm discovering new stuff that's making me more hopeful of my wishful thinking actually coming true. Be it people finding new ways to monitizie the information they share, or the idea of remote work and nomad life getting popular, or the new idea of building in public or the new rise of content curators, or whatever else be it, its giving me hope.


~Andy, The Shawshank Redemption

Double Digit

I renamed the title of this "blog" once more, but this time "Dès Vu" is here to stay at least for a really long time. Accidentally I discovered the ability to use markdown text formatting in which shouldn't be as bold easy. This is a premium users only feature afaik, So I do feel guilty for using it without paying. I'm not sure if this is some bug. Or this is intentional for anyone can make use of it.

This also marks as the 10th Entry, yeah unlocked the double digit achievement pretty quickly. For the future me reading this: Yes, I'm fine. No, the pandemic is still on, but currently am more worried about the exam than anything else.

I wonder what would I be doing and be worried about when it gets to triple digits. Well, according to current plans these would be done: Exams would definitely not be on top of mind unless I mess up something and have to take them again. The domain would be purchased and the website made. Written a few articles for medium. The databases of blogs, tools, links etc be connected, categorized and made public. Some helpful wiki's made in notion. And This whole project be may get a little hidden from public eyes.

Public Eyes

This is the second time, In the afternoon, I was feeling like I should just remove the link to this place from twitter and make it completely hidden from public eyes. Last time I had this feeling I did actually remove the link and made everything private. Only after a day or two, regained some courage and confidence to link back again. As much as I am sure there are currently no eyes reading this but I do have a fear, which is as real as it can be.

I know my writing is not good, forget being good it's not even what i think it has to be. Even though its the same person thinking and writing, meaning isn't the same anymore. Somewhere in between those processes, something is lost. I just wish for day when the pixels and neurons are indifferent. That would be an achievement worth celebrating.

I wish I don't change my mind again, always continue to have the courage to keep this open to public eyes.

You're Offended

It is almost impossible to talk freely in public without offending anyone, when the concerned topic is about religion or politics or any about any other views. With everyone having access to saying anything to anyone in public, it is only a matter of time that someone gets offended that their views weren't the ones that others shared. Why is it so hard for people to accept open criticism. How is everyone so sure about their believes, morals, views are the only absolutely true ones. Why can't there be questions. Why can't there be an honest quest to know, an attempt to understand "hows" "whys" to everything. Why not just accept the fact that no one knows anything, really, and everyone is as clueless as the other person. Why not try to actually understand instead of cancelling everything.

I'm sure It will take hell lot of time and serious efforts by people and the authorities to accept that fact but for now I guess the most easy and effective way to get around these protecting boundaries and talk freely about anything is through "humor". The principle being, You can't be laughing and still and get offended. Only one can happen at a time.

As absurd as it sounds its has worked wonders for me you can say pretty much anything while still being diplomatic as long as its funny. As strange as it may sound but this actually worked pretty good with me.

So What are my thoughts on Hitler? ohh boii you did NAZI that coming, did you?

Unsung Heroes

There are places on internet which wouldn't have been possible without for the individual people taking the time from their lives and putting in the effort to keep those things running.

These are the kind of people who make and maintain opensource software, be the only person to keeping a very niche subreddit alive or keep curating niche things that only a few or if anyone reads or needs. They also exist beyond the internet, the other day was reading news about a man who dedicated his entire life to building a library, he had to purchased books and soon made the library open and free for all. Also recently came across another guy from who spent decades and planting trees and hence improved the forest area in that region single handedly.

I often wonder what motivates them to keep doing what they are doing. Why don't they get celebrated, and often their work and efforts goes unnoticed, and faded into oblivion. Sure, they are obviously not doing this for any fame or recognization but isn't it duty of rest of us, who are the beneficiaries of their hard work, to support and celebrate them.

I definitely want to, and will support by donating as soon as I start earning, but for now I've decide to thank these unsung heroes. Will try to send at least a thank-you note, from now on.

All in or All out

I have this habit of following a weird rule, which i don't have to follow, but i do for some unknown reason. Anyways, Its goes as whenever there is a situation that needs my primary focus, like when an exam is close by. I tend to get too much invested in trying to create the best possible system / solution to have maximum focus. It is fairly obvious that this sole act consumes more time, efforts and conscious efforts than the value it provides.

I am trying to break this habit, but i feel as i get some sort of dopamine hit whenever i optimize any tool/system even to the tiniest bit, the actual automation or making the thing more efficient doesn't really bring any significant change, but i guess learning about this stuff feels more fulfilling.

So I guess i need not break the habit completely but instead try to find some balance b/w optimizing for efficiency and KISS method. but how do I know when and how to achieve the balance. Is there any objective mark?

Maybe i can try to make a system that.... uhhh im not doing this again.

Happy Coincidence

Updated the bio and about section of this, this one hopefully has less grammatical inconsistencies and better represents what this Project is actually about.

I had my driving test recently and there luckily i meet the school teacher who taught me math. Was not really expecting him to show up but was none the less a lucky coincidence. Even though I've never really expressed directly but I have great respect for him. Clearly has to be one among the tops spots for the coolest/best teachers i have ever had.

Heard some good news by administrative people for the community discord server I was building, Hope they'll finally decide and make the switch and avoid switching b/w all these weird apps and systems.

I need to overcome this but i absolutely fucking hate the sound of my voice. If there is an echo with my sound when i'm on a call no matter what, even if that call would solve world peace i would've still dropped the call. I want to overcome this as quickly as possible.

I think, now there are only 10 days left for the exam, i am actually scared and but clearly not scared enough to avoid distractions and stay focused on studying. Will now have hijack my own brain into getting some more stress and anxious as to actually start studying. I'm now going to try that while along trying to sleep.

Pleasant Feeling

Just finished making a discord server about which i actually wanted to write about yesterday. Thought i will try writing something detailed but now, Im so tiered cant even keep my eyes open, let alone stare on this blank page and write something. I don't want to.

But finally after weeks im kinda feeling good about something that i actually made, i know this is not something great but still something that i made, and after weeks tried something new and was soo dedicated in making something.

The feeling of Achieving something, however small is very pleasant feeling to go sleep, and thats exactly what im going to do now.