Public Eyes

This is the second time, In the afternoon, I was feeling like I should just remove the link to this place from twitter and make it completely hidden from public eyes. Last time I had this feeling I did actually remove the link and made everything private. Only after a day or two, regained some courage and confidence to link back again. As much as I am sure there are currently no eyes reading this but I do have a fear, which is as real as it can be.

I know my writing is not good, forget being good it's not even what i think it has to be. Even though its the same person thinking and writing, meaning isn't the same anymore. Somewhere in between those processes, something is lost. I just wish for day when the pixels and neurons are indifferent. That would be an achievement worth celebrating.

I wish I don't change my mind again, always continue to have the courage to keep this open to public eyes.

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