4 Stars

Was talking to a friend today about a movie, and he said it was on telegram. I knew there were communities dedicated to sharing movies, books, tools basically anything paid for free on telegram but was never really interested or concerned with it.

The last time I actually used telegram was back when I was still in school, somewhere in 2014. From what I can recall, It was basically a blue whatsapp and you can send PDF. I do remember one dude saying "Whatsapp is for uncles, and telegram is for us". Within a month or so removed the app and never thought about it again, until today.

I literally spent Last few hours reading about the app and I am quite impressed. Its what happens when Discord and Whatsapp have a child. For some reason, I always assumed telegram to be some shady marketplace which is dark web but PG-13. I don't know how true are their claims but at least from their website it is fairly impressive, and their stand strong on privacy and security.

Whenever some messaging service provides the ability to add bots it gets free like-ability points from me, haven't tested or made any bots yet but they look pretty hopeful and BOT API will be cool to use someday.

The learning curve isn't any issue cause as much as i try to get people start using discord, it usually fails. Telegram is the nice middle ground in between these two tools. will give it a 4/5.

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