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Sharing ideas and unformed thoughts on society and life for discussion and crystallisation. #100Days

Journaling is Freeing

Journaling is something I have grown to enjoy. I started journaling on and off since I could remember. It has helped me to tackle emotional pain and stressful life situations. Whenever I feel stressed out, I tend to grab my notebook and start writing. Sometimes my entries are coherent. Sometimes they are not. However, putting my thoughts on paper always helps me to settle my racing thoughts. I strongly believe that paper is always better than people.

When I stumbled upon the Standard Notes app from a productivity blog, I was very much intrigued by their focus on Privacy. I used the free version for a few weeks. I was hooked and immediately subscribed to the 5-Year plan. The extended version did give me a Listed blog to share my thoughts and commentary on my life experiences. But, I was not sure of how much value I can add to my blog's readers. It then hit me! I do not have to worry about how people might perceive my views and opinions. The internet has democratised thoughts and opinions. So, why not start publishing my daily reflections and learnings via this Listed blog?

I'm planning to keep this public journal pseudo-anonymous. This way I can express myself freely without inhibitions. I hope you will follow along on my journey. And, if there's one thing I would like to ask the reader; start a blog of your own. Do not worry about what you want to write about! Just start writing and you will eventually figure it out!

Welcome to Discourses from Ikran

I share my thoughts and opinions from my vantage point. I encourage thinking and dialogue.

The world needs people who can think. Thinking is what separates us from animals. However, very few use this invaluable gift.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts out loud here.

Think, Share, Change!