changelog for ingrediens: next level solutions for the ingredients industry, created by Jan van Iperen.
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One Year Later...

Oh boy, does time fly...

But sometimes that is okay and it is good to take more time... let stuff rest, think about it shape it before putting it out there.

The idea behind ingrediens is still one that is getting shaped, getting tweaked and far from final... if ever. But it is coming closer. And the steps towards it seeing the light and opening up to the world is coming closer. 2020 might actually be the year.

Because, well, eye-candy

Being a very visually focused person, I usually have a logo before the plan for a project has fully materialized... Yes, I know, not the correct order to follow.

ingrediens had a logo for a long time, yet there were practical issues with it and I simply was not happy.

Today I managed to put some extra time in for re-doing the logo and am quite pleased with the result:

Alright, on to the more important things: I started building the Airtable base that will hold the first content for the directory... soon more.

Registering the trademark 'ingrediens'

Actually quite a big step today: I started the registration process for ingrediens as trademark today.

Quite curious how and if it will be approved, but would be the first step making this project official and really kicking it off.

From the initial thoughts long time ago till now has been many phases of mostly ideas, not so much action. It is interesting how it has developed even without materializing, but it has sharpened the focus and the planning nonetheless.

Alright back to building and for now waiting room for the registration process.

mood stoked and eager. 👊🏻

A changelog of sorts

We have to start somewhere and Standard Notes actually serves the minimal viable purpose best.

I will use this location to keep track on the whole project, from inception to live product. In that regard a bit more than just a changelog, more like a continuous reflection.

Bon, we have lift off. If you want to be kept in the loop, please enter your email address in the appropriate form on this page. I am not building this alone, the more feedback and input, the better the outcome for everybody.

Next post will be an actual changelog. 😁