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Sharing the things I learnt along the way through spiritual journey.

Relationship between Karma and Freewill Explained

Relationship between Karma and Freewill Explained I saw a majority of people saying free will usually doesn't exist. In a way this seems to be true but once we drive deeper considering other things into action such as cause and effect, Karma. And free will. It seems free will exists.we are conditioned genetically and environmentally, (Let's say this as law of Nature) there is no denying that. But other than that, we do have free will and it can simply proved by keeping yourself in a situation....
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About Myself

I like to think I am in on a journey to find my higher self and fulfill the purpose of being born here on earth. Today I am on a path to Enlightenment. I feel like sooner or later I will achieve this. There are many questions, that I have asked myself but currently have no answers. Hope I will get the answers, when I will get Enlightened. Some of the questions are: Why are we born? Who am I? What is the reason for this Universe to exist? Is humanity approaching the right direction? Why do ...
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What is?

  ~Note to Self~ Be patient, the universe slowly reveals itself. What is Enlightenment? Enlightenment is nothing but a clarity, mental clarity, physical clarity, emotional clarity. Its when we see things for what they are. Our thoughts and senses are not biased. And the person who posses these qualities is called Enlightened. What is expectation? Expectation is the opposite of patience. Expectation is waiting for something to happen, that is our wants and desires. True patience man...
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