One night, she came to me
And made my world her own
I am Noctis, said she nonchalantly
I am here now

Her tone of voice, nor her intentions
Were understood by me
Though she could have been malicious
I still felt quite free

Every night, she came to visit
As consciousness sliped away
And she held my hand
Until the light of day

At first light she would disappear
As ethereally as she had come
And no trace would be left of her
To welcome in the dawn

As she visited every night
We conversed more and more
And I felt my body lighten
Though it was still sore

Some nights, nonchalant Noctis
Would materialize from inside me
Escaping my subconscious
And bring me a nosegay

And tell me not to worry
In her usual manner of speech
For a moment, she would seem motherly
Yet she would still be out of my reach

I could not touch her, though
As she held me in her gentle embrace
And darkness would flow
And circulate away from my consciousness

Noctis, to me, was always an enigma
And I grew quite fond of her
Though her ethereal being bore an unspoken stigma
Almost as if she was afraid to be there

Seventeen days ago
I turned off the electrical light
I went to bed, without much uproar
But no Noctis came that night

She never came back
Without any warning
My oasis of affection
And I was left mourning

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