Windows 11 and Microsoft Shenanigans

Okay, I saw this article like 2 days ago and it said Microsoft has removed offline login options from Windows 11 Home edition.

My laptop came with Windows 10 Home edition.
Does Microsoft expect me to either surrender my privacy and create an outlook account, or spend big bucks to upgrade to Windows 11 Pro edition?
'Cause that seems like a pretty shitty deal to me.

The leaks that were released online had an option to log in from a local account. And that's the way it should be.
Nobody should be forced to create a shitty outlook account to be able to use Windows 11. That's a load of bullshit right, do you hear me Microsoft?

I don't want to upgrade to Windows 11 Pro. I don't need pro.
And I am definitely NEVER EVER going to create an outlook email account.

I haven't updated my Windows in a while, because I just don't use it anyway.

So I've got a message for Microsoft: Suck my dick and big hairy balls you cocksucking motherfuckers.
The day I feel like using Windows 11, I'll use it MY WAY - WITH A LOCAL ACCOUNT.

Maybe I'll wait for Windows 12. Hopefully that won't be a fucking mishmash of a dozen different UI's covering 2 decades.

And while we're at it, why the fuck does Windows 11 require 4 gigs of RAM? I bet it'll still be laggy as fuck even with 4 gigs, eh?
Windows 10 required 2 Gigs of RAM. My netbook had 2 Gigs and it could barely run Windows 10. Like barely even!
So this 4 Gigs requirement for Windows 11 makes me think Microsoft devtards have made it even laggier by adding even more bloat.

Do you have a laptop with 4 Gigs of RAM? Prepare to go to the asylum for losing your fucking mind when Windows 11 rolls out.

And what's this 64 Gigs of storage required bullshit?
64 gigs?
Hey Microsoft! HEY! Over here!
Do you know how much storage space the LibreKrsnah Desktop OS v0.3 alpha uses? Huh?
16 Gigs of storage space.
Think about that for a minute. I want you idiots to use your last few brain cells to comprehend what I'm telling you.
16 Gb for a full fledged OS that has ALL the applications I would ever need in the world!
Think about it!
This is an OS that is jam packed and full themed out to the MAX, and it only needs 16 Gigs of storage.

What was the storage requirement for Windows 10? 20 Gigs?
And even that for a basic installation of Windows. All the updates and user apps would need an additional 250 gigs at the very least!

This is the progress that Microsoft has made within 3 decades; they've got an installation disk that's about 5 Gigs in size. And now, they need 64 Gigs of minimum storage space just to install all that bloatware and telemetry bullshit.

Meanwhile I, on the other hand, who got into Linux not more than 5 years ago, now have a distro that fucking stomps the shit out of Windows 10 in every possible way.
Except gaming.
The only thing I need to use Windows for, is gaming.
Now if I was a rich bastard, I'd get myself a PS4. But since I'm not, I'm stuck here, writing articles about how much Windows 11 sucks and what kind of cocksucking motherfuckers the folks at Microsoft are: The worst kind, in case anyone was wondering.
Even Red Star OS must be better than the Windows garbage.

Fucking fix that UX before releasing Windows 11, will you? It's got themes from all versions of Windows, and it looks inconsistent and eye-poking ugly.

Top 5 Noteworthy DE's

Recently I came across Cutefish OS, which features a MacOS styled clone called Cutefish DE.

In terms of the UI and UX, LibreKrsnah Desktop OS's Jahnavi DE and Maya DE have been unmatched till date.

The only ones to even come close were Deepin DE, UKUI, Plasma and Pantheon. But those are quite resource heavy, and the lags on slower hardware is noticeable.

If I were to rank these DE's for future use, then it'd be:

  1. UKUI
  2. Plasma
  3. Deepin
  4. Cutefish
  5. Pantheon

At this point, Pantheon almost feels outdated. I wouldn't want to use it unless my dGPU worked on Elementary OS!

Of course LibreKrsnah Desktop's Maya DE is still better than all of these!

Windows 11 vs LibreWindows OS

About a week ago, I announced that I would be working on a new project based on Windows - a custom bloat-free Windows OS named LibreWindows OS.

And 2 days ago, Microsoft leaked Windows 11 ISOs online.
It's a brilliant marketing move - to hype up all the nerds before releasing their updated spyware OS.

I've looked at Windows 11 and all it has are some new icons, new start menu, some animations here and there and pretty much small UI changes.

Didn't Microsoft say Windows 10 would be it's last OS release? What happened? Were too many people moving to Linux and Mac OS?

This marketing stunt has hyped up all the nerds. All I saw were some visual changes. Nothing more. And they sure did copy a few things from Linux and Mac OS; Widgets are back, Task bar is centered etc.

This brought me to think, how much can you improve a stable OS, really? Like once you've sorted all the glitches and fixed all the bugs, there really isn't anything more to do.

This is the same issue that Android has faced. Android 10 is rock solid. With a few customizations, LibreKrsnah Mobile OS v0.3 alpha is quite perfect in every way. It doesn't need any changes. It doesn't need any improvements.
Google realized this after Android 11, which was a huge disaster. That's why they decided to give Android a new look. Material UX or Material UI - whatever the fuck it's called, is simply a redesign. Google copied Microsoft UX design just as Microsoft was shifting away from it.

All the color changes and theming on Android 12 is simply what Microsoft used on Windows 10. Remember when you could change the color of the Windows Start Menu from a list of colors? Which version was that? Windows 8? 8.1? It's still there on Windows 10, because I remember changing my theme color recently.
So Microsoft was ahead of it's time regarding Material UX.
The only problem is, it wasn't that big of a deal. Which is why Microsoft has now killed off it's Windows 8 style menu completely.

Meanwhile Microsoft has brought back widgets with the "Material UX" design, as Google likes to call it. Who would've thought it?
Quite clearly, Microsoft has witnessed a large number of Plasma desktop users on Linux and decided, maybe they could lure in some Linux users if they copied some stuff?

I'm waiting for a Microsoft Windows OS with complete privacy - no spyware or tracking at all! Will it come? Most definitely yes. I think privacy is now a global issue and there's very few people who aren't aware of the spyware in their OS.
Will the privacy-focused version of Windows be released before LibreWindows OS? I don't think so. The entire Windows revenue model is based on telemetry and tracking. If Microsoft wanted to release a fully private OS, they'd have to abandon their revenue model and go GNU. The only way a privacy-focused OS can makes waves in the current times, is by going fully open source and GNU. Income would be based on donations.
So, is Microsoft ever going to start accepting donations for a "Libre" OS?

Btw, only an idiot would download a 5-6 Gig ISO of an OS that is full of bloat and spyware. You could easily download 3 Linux distros with that much bandwidth; and I'm talking fully-featured OS's not some minimalistic horror running i3.

Android 12: It Gets Uglier

So I checked out Android 12 Beta release and Oh my Lord! It's even uglier than Android 11.

Why do I get the feeling that Google devs are trying to copy Microsoft's UI?
And they're doing it horribly wrong. Microsoft's tiles had images. The slabs on Android 12 are just filled in with color.

The quick settings tiles in Android 12 are horrible. What's even worse is the thick slab of color for the brightness slider.

Android 11 had limited the quick settings tiles to 4 per row. Android 12 has further reduced them to 2 per row.

The icons in system settings have adopted the ugly rainbow colors from Android 11.

Notifications now take up the whole screen. And that's cool if you enjoy spending time reading them. I don't.

I like the new privacy dashboard. The approximate location feature is pretty useful too. Too bad Google took a billion years to finally take privacy seriously. Or do they?

Why do I get the feeling that I may have to skip he next 2 versions of Android altogether, or spend several weeks or even months redesigning the UI to my preference?

LibreKrsnah Desktop OS v0.1 beta

My netbook runs LibreKrsnah Desktop OS v0.1 beta.
It is the only OS that currently guarantees working WiFi and an overall relatively smooth user experience on the netbook.

I'm going to share some config details before I put my netbook away.

OS: LibreKrsnah Desktop OS v0.1 beta
Host: netbook
Kernel: 5.10-rc3 subhadra
Packages: 1116
Shell: bash 5.0.11
Resolution: 1366x768 @ 60.00Hz
DE: Jahnavi
WM: Radhika
Theme: Krsnah-Dark-Red [GTK2/3]
Icons: Krsnah-Dark [GTK2/3]
Terminal: bash
CPU: Intel Celeron N2830 (2) @ 2.415G
GPU: Intel Atom Processor Z36xxx/Z37x
Memory: 720MiB / 1870 MiB (38%)
Disk (/): 14G / 40G (37%)
Disk (/home): 152G / 295G (55%)

There you go.
An overall lovely OS that served me well during my netbook's run.
I'm proud of it.

I thought of including the list of apps and special features but I guess I'll just do it for the latest OS when I release the details.

LibreKrsnah OS Version History

Founded 04th Aug 2020

LibreKrsnah Desktop OS v0.1 beta

  • Inspired by Krsnah Desktop OS v4.3
  • Based on Gentoo
  • 2 desktop environments
  • Dedicated GPU issue

LibreKrsnah Desktop OS v0.2 beta

  • Kernel 5.10-rc3 subhadra
  • Dedicated GPU issue + backlight issue
  • Added more apps

LibreKrsnah Desktop OS v0.3 alpha

  • Latest working build (details coming soon)

LibreKrsnah Mobile OS v0.1 beta

  • Complementary to LibreKrsnah Desktop OS v0.1 beta
  • Inspired by Krsnah Mobile OS v4.3
  • Based on Android 10
  • Tor VPN connection issue

LibreKrsnah Mobile OS v0.2 beta

  • Fixed Tor VPN issue
  • Redesigned launcher
  • Added more apps

LibreKrsnah Mobile OS v0.3 alpha

  • Latest working build (details coming soon)

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