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Day One

And my half an hour of writing begins... now.

I've been at a keyboard and my computer the whole day. My home office is quite pleasant and conducive to work. The standing desk works well, connectivity is high and productivity is probably higher than if I were onsite.

There are however some more notable points of distinction.

Firstly, the entire world is burning. The extremeness of the situation with the covid-19 pandemic challenges belief. It is difficult to comprehend and overwhelming to understand what is happening, and what this will mean. The disease may be survivable enough, but its economic and social path of destruction will be less survivable.

Secondly, J is working from home today. I cannot recently recall that we were both working, busy and full days from home. Yesterday, I prepared the newly-appointed guest (read 'junk') room as a second study. It was a stressful day for us both at work, but it was nice to see each other in the hallways, kitchen and a short drive around our suburb to find coffee beans. We popped out and I, true to form, overbought a kilo of premium grade coffee beans from the only hipsteresque coffee shop around. My tasting notes will probably include the phrases "rougher edges" "thermosensitive" and "sufficiently robust flavours".

Thirdly, today I negotiated something that was quite close and relevant to me. Most of my work life has been spent negotiating on behalf of others. Today, I needed to negotiate something for myself. There doesn't seem to be anything magical about the experience, and seems to reflect how I would approach any other transaction. However, I can envision how someone needing to exercise nuanced judgment may feel that their proximity would cloud that judgement.

So, in these overwhelming times, I move closer to owning a house and its associated worries.

Day Zero

There are many things I can do with my free moments. For the next 87 days, I'm going to write here:

  • indiscriminately, with no particular topic or agenda;
  • for an arbitrary audience, to help focus style, I'll pretend (and be wrong even there) only "Mykal" will read this. He's a long-lost friend from University. He's cool, unpretentious and an engaged and critical listener;
  • anonymously, to avoid ego or narrator issues;
  • for half an hour, as the change from emails and legal documents will be welcome.

Why? Like quite a few things, because it feels good. It will also be a good opportunity to focus my reflections and sharpen them.

Please join.

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