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Note 1329

This is the start of something new. It's been years since I've written consistently, and I can already feel how tinny the words are coming out. On paper this is supposed to be about branding---my brand, specifically. But I will need to get warmed up before we get to any of that.

I'm a cybersecurity bootcamper living in Manhattan two months into the COVID-19 quarantine. I only know how much time has passed because one of my roommates is keeping track. By other metrics, we had at least one day of snow since the lockdown. I'm now running my air conditioner at 10pm.

Hopefully this gets easier.

red.libre Launch

24 Hours after launching the public wifi, I've had 19 unique devices utilize the network. Here are some rudimentary stats about the types of devices:

  • 1 HTC
  • 1 LG
  • 2 Samsung
  • 1 Amazon
  • 14 Apple

For some reason this is what I expected by way of limiting the channel to 5Ghz. From my anecdotal experience, more iPhone's have a 5Ghz radio compared to Androids. This may also be completely a demographic factor.

Amazing how quickly people can find and trust an open channel. Due to my multiplicitous inexperiences, this seems to be a bit of a forever project that I will be working on for a while. Here are some major goals:

1) Create a monitoring station to analyze bandwidth usage and record events
2) Build a proper captive portal page in both English and Spanish
3) Build an informational website for red.libre
4) More thoroughly document the process thus far, standardize steps

Here's some immediate troubleshooting:

1) My old windows laptop isn't able to pull up the captive portal over ethernet
2) ProtonVPN currently can't connect over the network, even with the firewall disabled