Black Lives Matter

I decided to postpone my OSCP exam, for the simple fact that I would rather go to protests. Someone mentioned a 93% fail rate for the exam. Whether or not that's accurate, I don't want to look back at this time and see myself indoors, half-heartedly studying for something I'm underprepared to attempt. On a different timeline, it would be fun to give it a go for the experience alone. But I'm not willing to let this week slip by in the name of fun.

Today I was in a crowd addressed by politicians who told us New York would repeal 50-A tomorrow. We were assured that this will happen, citing the 40 democrats who take up the 63 senate seats in Albany as proof. We've been waiting for justice for Eric Garner for six years. They've held that hopeful majority for a year and a half. We will have to keep marching, regardless.

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