My Ever Evolving Increasingly Whacky Kali Setup


Until I can successfully replicate what I thought I had pulled off, this space is reserved.

In short:

  • VirtualBox wasn't cutting it on my old MacBook
  • I exhausted the trial periods for both VMware and Parallels
  • QEMU seemed too much to stomach at the moment
  • So I turned to my trusty Chromebook Pixel:
    • I created a Kali LXC Container
    • Forwarded incoming SSH connections to it
    • Installed X2go server in the container
    • Installed X2go client on my MacBook utilizing XQuartz
    • I piped the desktop environment between devices for an exhilarating experience
    • Keyboard input disappeared almost immediately
  • I returned to Virtualbox but switched to a more resource-efficient desktop environment
  • I'm happy for now

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