Double Crash

I noticed that the network had been running slower than expected the past few days, and today had ground to a complete halt. I rebooted the OpenWrt router to be met with the LED message that something was off. I took the access point down until I could further diagnose the issue.

Immediately after, my Chromebook failed to boot due to Chrome OS being missing or damaged. I'm sure this is a coincidence, but I feel paranoid nonetheless. Although I took many preliminary steps to harden and segment the public facing components from the rest of my home network, I haven't been terribly vigilant about updates or logging. Making these automated and consolidated is now a top priority.

The OpenWrt router is almost 3 years old and by no means a substantial piece of hardware. This may be a decent excuse to upgrade the infrastructure.

Some goals ordered by increasing ambitiousness:

  • Diagnose the OpenWrt router / get it back online
  • Learn some basic CSS and get this blog looking sprucy
  • Create a rudimentary status dashboard for the network
  • Automate email notifications for log events
  • Consolidate log streams into Splunk or something similar
  • Find the ethical balance between security and privacy

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