Back Online

So stoked that the red.libre routers have Uboot.

My journey down the networking road started with a spotty usb LTE modem and a travel router I bricked after a few months. I still have both, but from what I gather the debricking process involves a serial interface and cracking the case open.

Thankfully, for my current screw-ups all that's required is a button push and an ethernet cable.

Still not sure what went wrong; after flashing a fresh firmware image, the old Wifi SSID popped up and I was able to access the admin login without problem. It wasn't until I power cycled it that it completely reinitialized.

From there, it was simply a matter of double checking the DHCP settings and reentering the VPN configuration. Linux is such a well-oiled machine.

Both of my Chromebooks are still out for the count; apparently they don't like recovery images made on macOS. To make things worse, Chromebook Recovery Utility doesn't run on Linux. I've had problems with specific USB drives being spotty, so I'll have to try a few more before I go all in on blaming Apple (and staying mad at Google).

For a victory lap, I installed Arch for the first time on an old Craigslist desktop. I put off trying Arch for at least 3 years, so I'm very excited take it out for a spin. It's mind-blowing how quick the installation process was.

Hoping to build out a visual representation of the current network setup. I want to experiment with running services behind the VPN; maybe a chat server?

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