red.libre Launch

24 Hours after launching the public wifi, I've had 19 unique devices utilize the network. Here are some rudimentary stats about the types of devices:

  • 1 HTC
  • 1 LG
  • 2 Samsung
  • 1 Amazon
  • 14 Apple

For some reason this is what I expected by way of limiting the channel to 5Ghz. From my anecdotal experience, more iPhone's have a 5Ghz radio compared to Androids. This may also be completely a demographic factor.

Amazing how quickly people can find and trust an open channel. Due to my multiplicitous inexperiences, this seems to be a bit of a forever project that I will be working on for a while. Here are some major goals:

1) Create a monitoring station to analyze bandwidth usage and record events
2) Build a proper captive portal page in both English and Spanish
3) Build an informational website for red.libre
4) More thoroughly document the process thus far, standardize steps

Here's some immediate troubleshooting:

1) My old windows laptop isn't able to pull up the captive portal over ethernet
2) ProtonVPN currently can't connect over the network, even with the firewall disabled

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