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I am a student, photographer, and tech lover in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Split the Pie

This app is for meeting your neighbors. When you open the app, you are greeted with a map. On the map, are pictures of pizzas. Some have only a few slices, some are completed. The app will automatically create "pizzas" in public locations pre-determined by the app developer. The app would roll out to one city at a time. You can choose a pizza near you, and buy up to two slices. The point of the app is not to get a full meal, it's to meet new people. Once a pizza is completed, meaning all 6/8/12 slices are reserved, the app charges the credit cards of the people that reserved, and notified them with directions. The app also automatically orders a Domino's pizza to that public place. When all the people meet up, they eat pizza and get to know each other.

Why pizza? Everyone likes pizza. It's easy to divide.

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