What happened, really?

I revised some Nietzsche today and came across a few seminal passages, one of which used to weigh a lot to me, .

The secret of realizing the greatest fruitfulness and the greatest enjoyment of existence is: to live dangerously! Build your cities on the slopes of Vesuvius! Send your ships out into uncharted seas! Live in conflict with your equals and with yourselves! Be robbers and ravagers as soon as you cannot be rulers and owners, you men of knowledge! The time will soon past when you could be content to live concealed in the woods like timid deer!

― Nietzsche

Ah old memories! I get instantly transported to a simpler times -- I was still in my budding years when I came across Nietzsche's thoughts.

Back then I had an abundance of hope of what I could achive.

I was different.

What happened though?

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