Found a piece of parable that I wrote a few months ago. If you do read it, thank you and I hope you enjoy.


I'm lost.

Well to be exact - I feel out of place.


Hey, don't mind the void. It's never not been gloomy. And I don't count on this downpour to stop too. At least not anytime soon. If I recall correctly, the last time it stopped was - Christmas? It's not important anyway.

It's funny and somewhat heartwarming to think about how I'd brave the night looking for shelter or warmth when I first got here.

Here, I've met others who are like me, who's not from here, who also absolutely hated being here. Naturally we bonded over our shared resentment towards this all-engulfing nothingness. I'm glad to have them; and as the night deepens and we inevitably drift apart, I'd be pleased if they drift in the opposite direction of where I seem to be heading.

Unlike the newcomers, I'd long ceased to strut and fret at what seems to be a constant. I count my blessings now that I'm curled up under covers in my own little corner. If I come across as calm and patient (with an occasional smirk), it's only because I have accepted this never-ending night. It is endless, period.

Sometimes, I'm told that it's just the weather, a bad season, that the night too shall pass, that there are decades yet to come. With utmost respect to the folks that care, this is my everyday, for as long as I can remember, to be here; for as empty, painfully freezing and lonesome that is here. I'd never wish even half of my time here onto my worst enemy.

I usually find myself asking when attempting most of life’s question - what's there to be done? You see, I loathe this place; and while I'm unable to change things here, I do have the option to leave. Yes, the open-door policy - leaving is always an option. Indeed that's been on my mind from the moment I got here. I'm just waiting for the right moment, an opportunistic pause, or maybe a bus ride or an invitation, to finally excuse myself. If that happens, I hope a celebration would be due.

Alas, as much as I'm eager to catch the next bus ride, I'm afraid I have to stay around for some time. Here, where it's near to my family. God knows they'd like for me to stick around for as long as I can. I guess the food around here is okay too? Oh well, it seems like I'll be back doing what I do best, the classic wait and see.

Oh how I detest being here. I've lost my bearings. But I'll stick around for the time being, until my ride comes.

PS I've also posted this on an obscure website. If you recognized me, come say hi. :)

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