Dropgang Protocol

This is a notepad I am keeping to track these thoughts

Idea: Dropgang Protocols

I first heard about the ideas of dropgangs from Frank and Smuggler on their epic podcast.
Dropggangs are organizations that facilitate IRL deliveries.
While this sounds pretty simple, dropgangs can be highly sophisticated in their workflow by utilizing many kinds of technology to make deliveries.
One problem with this is how it scales. I mean, dropgangs are not located in every city.
How could the idea of dropgangs scale to other regions using cooperation with individuals?
Mixed mode of delivery, utilizing several USPS stops, physical delivery for the final mile, or even drop offs for the final mile.

Ideas for WoT (Web of Trust)

  • Members could have different delivery methods they are willing to participate in and certain SLA's -- Only mail order pass thru -- Physical dropoff --- Radius for delivery --- In person hand-off --- Tech available for handoff --- PGP signature as confirmation -- Rate -- SLA's how quick they will act
  • WoT rating system -- If you receive bad review, it effects everyone in your WoT

This sounds crazy.
It would require a web of trust that included ranking system and what you are willing to do for a delivery.

Matryoshka idea


I thought these were so funny as a kid.
More recently I have seen videos of people opening presents that are layers and layers deep and at the very end it is a lame present.
But something like this could be applied to a Dropgang protocol.

  • The sender would include several layers.
  • each layer would have instructions on where to send the package next
  • when the next person in the chain receives the package and passes it on, he would confirm receipt, and the previous person would receive a fee for shipping.
  • maybe when the package is confirmed at the final destination, the recipient can confirm he received it via a PGP message between him and the original shipper.
  • Only at that time could the fees be distributed.

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