The Ritual of Seed Creation

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The Ritual of Seed Creation

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This article is an exploration of the sovereign nature of creating a seed, sommiting it to memory, and the spiritual effects of this exercise.

This is a work in progress.

The Sovereign and the Seed

The sovereign is the person who makes the rules for himself and/or others.
Since the beginning of time, the sovereign has been determined by violence.
He has wields the most violence, has sovereignty of those who cannot challenge him.
A great equalizer has been delivered via cryptography that effectively balances the playing field for sovereignty.
No longer is sovereignty solely determined by available violence but now determined by mathematics.
Mathematics do not discriminate.
Bitcoin is man's opportunity to declare his sovereignty.
Bitcoin is man's path towards light.
Through Bitcoin, man has the ability to transact how he wishes.
Insert "we reject kings etc. phrase"
Technology exists, but it is up to the individual to plant the seed of sovereignty.
Sovereignty does not exist in a vaccum.
Sovereignty is a constant struggle.
Man is in constant pursuit of power.
Bitcoin levels the playing field.
For individuals, declaring his sovereignty is not simply attained.
He must stay diligent.
The individual must question and dedicate himseld to protecting his sovereignty.
His sovereignty will grow over time but it all begins with a seed.

Cryptosovereignty is the personal power, economic liberty, and political praxis that exist in bitcoin directly, crypto assets generally, and the internet widely. It is the power of any single human — no matter their station of birth, class of wealth, or creed of faith — to choose to put their economic, social, and political rights into a new digital common-wealth that is inviolable and beyond the power of any and all governments to violate. - "Cryptosovereignty"( by Erik Cason

The ritual of seed creation

  • Go through the ritual of seed creation.
  • Talk about the dedication of commiting the seed to your memory.
  • Different methods of memorization.
  • The sacred act of memorization
  • Associative memorization
  • look for an article that describes repitition and spirituality
    -- what is the role of repitition and spirituality

  • what's the symbolism of the rosary?

  • can the ritual of the rosay be used in seed memorization?

  • will bitcoiners adopt some creed that could be used in the seed memorization ritual?

  • research "the pledge of allegiance" and other things that are recited by members of organizations.

  • look into free mason ritual for inspiration and reason behind ritual

  • look into the ritual and how it can bring inner peace through finding calmness

  • compare meditation to the seed ritual

  • this ritual is low time preference

  • it will take lots of time and dedication to master your seed.

Repitition and the Rosary

The string of beads obviously has the purpose of diverting the thoughts from certain external distrac­tions of attention. One bead leads the person praying to the next. Their number keeps the repetition within certain bounds, approved by long usage. Otherwise he who prays would have to keep a watch for the “too little” or else fall into the “too much,” and thus be diverted from the essential. The beads take this trouble off his shoulders; they do the counting for him. Yet is this not something “technical”? Surely; but does not all life con­tain “technicalities”?
It is said of all things, even the spiritual, that they have to be learned. But learning requires practice; and practice is nothing else but a training of technical skill, liberating our strength and attention for what is essen­tial. So long as one is yet unskilled, one has to watch every single act, and the essential comes off badly; but with the acquisition and development of technical skill, the essential is liberated. The string of beads has no other meaning. The Beads and Repetition of the Rosary

  • Seed memorization is taking your sovereignty
  • seed memorization is pursuit of perfection
  • seed memorization is investing in yourself
  • seed memorization builds your self confidence.
  • seed memorization allows you to find calmness
  • seed meditation can be meditation

Repitition and Meditation

”Just by repeating the name, that which can not be understood Will be understood just by repeating the name that which can not be seen Will be seen” - this article

Repetition is Key to Developing a Meditation Practice

  • Find a list of benefits of meditation
  • Can you actually meditate while reciting your seed?
  • reach out to a meditation guru


  • Explore the power of words
  • the power if ritual
  • the magic of ritual
  • Putting intention into your seed through spells?
  • might be too far out there

Magic of the Seed

When a seed is created and the words are spoken out loud to the universe, you can assume the combination of those words has NEVER been saiod together.
This is magical.
If words and intent have power, then the creation and projection of a seed hold certain unknowable power.
The act of the ritual has many unseen benefits for the individual.
By repeating your seed you accomplish several things:

  • You are demonstrating self control by practicing
  • You are showing low time preference by investing in yourself
  • You are declaring your sovereignty by relying on no third party or object Once the true-beleiver1

History of seed phrase

  • detail the bip
  • detail the words
  • link to a list of the words
  • consider including a list of the words
  • details the combinations available
  • describe how the chances of a seed being spoken again is nearly zero
  • 204824 are the number of combinations of seed phrases available
  • Chances of guessing a private key - 1:115,792,089,237,316,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

Reference "The Passion of the Believers" by Hass McCook

On cracking a seed phrase

From Lopp:

Don't use brain wallets - humans are terrible at generating entropy! If you send funds to a brain wallet composed of common English words, it will likely be stolen in seconds.

  1. Link to Hass McCook's article on true believers 

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