The Witches Case for Bitcoin

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The Witch's Case for Bitcoin

Three proposed points for this short essay:

  • Seed Creation is a spell
  • Energy and the Earth
  • The Magic of Time Preference
  • The Magic of Cryptography

Seed Creation is a spell

This section should discuss the magical probability of the seed. Talk about how many lifetimes it would take to guess a seed. How there is a really good chance that once a seed is created, that combination of words has never been said by mankind, and it might never be said again. That's mystical to me.

Pursuit of clean energy to save the world

Witches love mother Earth. Bitcoin is always seeking out the cleanest and or wasted energy. Witch's should appreciate that.

Look into history of withes spells for the earth. Witch's ritual for clean earth. Leave no trace. Witches regularly include an offering to Mother Earth when performing magic.

The Magic of Time Preference

Ask and you shall receive.
This is a common theme of magic.
You must be open to receive.
The universe is always listening.
Nothing is instant.
There are too many vibrations for anything to be instant.
The key is patience.
Society today is built on high time preference, that is instant gratification.
Witches practice magic and putting intentions out into the universe.
When they work in a coven, they hope to intensify their vibrations.
Low time preference is patience, building for the future.

Candle magic

The believing is huge. You must believe it. If the thought creeps into your mind, the spell is broken.
By not believing, you are not manifesting

the magic of cryptography

tons of branches of witchcraft
some of them focus on communicated or reading people.
Think about tarot, you are reading the future.
Some witches claim to read minds
Cryptography allows two people to communicate in exclusive privacy.
As if two witches opened a channel.

Technology is magic

knowledge is magic
in the future we might understand how to get to the ethereal plane, that will be magical to us to

  • present day technology is past years magic

Knowledge is magic

think about how the Aztec priests knew the eclipse was coming they had the knowledge, the plebs

  • magic internet money meme
    The meme itself is a wizard, what are the chances

  • reference bitcoin astrology

  1. Telepathy is the psychological ability to primarily read the mind of another being. There are many branches and expansions of this power such as projecting illusions and thoughts, mind control, and even accessing someone's magic. 

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