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Samsung Galaxy Smart Watches

The trick is that WearOS doesn't appear to work with Samsung watches. Installing the Galaxy Wearable app instead works.

I run a Chinese Xiaomi Mix3 phone and during the first watch setup, the app installed a few plugins as well. I expect these plugins are not needed for Samsung phones, but I can't confirm.

The Dont's Of Infosec

  1. don't collect what you don't need
  2. don't log what you don't need
  3. don't keep anything longer than you have to

Book List

I update this periodically. My Kobo has recently been resurrected from the trash heap as the result of a firmware upgrade so this list is fairly new.

In Progress

  • Model Minority (part of the anthology Radicalized by Cory Doctorow)

On Deck

  • Soonish (where's the future we predicted?)


  • Unauthorized Bread (part of the anthology Radicalized by Cory Doctorow
  • The Upstarts (Uber and AirBnB histories)
  • Head In The Cloud (Why know anything when you can look up everything?)
  • The Four Horsemen (FAAG economics)
  • Everybody Lies (statistical analysis of lying)

Email Forwarding Services

I have a lot of domains. Many of them need at least one contact email to set up things, but rarely need email day to day. The cheapest solution for that situation is to use email forwarding. I've used a few different services over time, here's a quick run down.



Fairly advanced forwarding features. Ask for access to the beta program to get access to the "rules" interface. I played with it a lot but did not end up using it heavily because alone among the services I tried, it has bandwidth limits. That in itself might be OK if they weren't so small. 50M of email a month is not very much at all when you consider attachments. The only way around that is to upgrade and even then, it doesn't provide enough bandwidth for the cost.



Easy, straightforward, and I used it for a year or so. But then some other company bought it and now it's just too expensive.

Name Cheap

Name Cheap

Name Cheap offers email forwarding for free with its domain registration. This is a nice feature because a lot of registrars, like Hover, nickle and dime you for it. But it comes with a catch: it has utterly opaque spam filters. Emails routinely go missing with no explanation and support can't help either. It's a black box to everyone which makes it impossible to rely on.

Eventually I moved my email to Tutanota and it allows unlimited custom domains, so I set up catch-all addresses there instead of using forwarding.

Overdrive on Kobo

I have a teeny little Kobo I bought years ago - I assume it was the cheapest available. It woks great an I am generally in love with e-ink screens, as long as the processor underneath can keep up with the swipes. I stopped using it after a few months because what I really wanted out of it was to check out books from my library. Every library I have come across (to be fair, that is not many) uses the Overdrive app to interface with libraries world-wide. Sadly, there is no Linux Overdrive package so it was a pain to check out books and get them onto my Kobo via a USB cable.

I dusted the Kobo off a few days ago and it asked to update. I let it, and lo and behold, Overdrive is now installed on the Kobo itself! This is so much better than a Linux version of Overdrive because even if there was such a thing, I would still have to transfer my books to the Kobo. Now, I just checkout books directly from my Kobo.

This has totally resurrected my Kobo usage. I am on my second book in the as many weeks. I forgot how much I like to read.

Discovering Standard Notes

This is one of those weird journeys that happens sometimes on the web. I started this endeavour by wanting to move my notes off of my device and onto something that was accessible across platforms. But, I am a privacy advocate and as such I don't use things like DropBox, Google Drive, Evernote, etc. That led me to Cryptpad which was pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Until I tried to use it on a mobile device. There's no app, which is fine in of itself, but the web interface does not respond well to mobile devices so that was a deal-breaker for me.

I then started a search for encrypted cloud or sync solutions. I found Turtl which is nice and it worked, but it was slow to sync and had a number of little UI things that I did not like.

Finally, I ended up at Standard Notes and it looks like this is the winner. It's a little pricier than I'd like, but I have always supported apps and services that I like. I am not into the whole mindset that everything should be free. We see where that attitude has gotten us with the surveillance state we live in these days.

Standard Notes does the note thing very well. And it adds on a bunch of stuff I never thought I'd want. Such as different editors (I love Markdown), and this blog...listed.to I can publish a note right out of the app which scratches an itch I was not intending to scratch with this project, but here we are.

I write "professionally" at Substack and I enjoy that, but there's a certain level of quality and research that I have to bring to that work. I also participate in social media on Mastodon which I like, but social media is fleeting and fragmented. I have had the idea of looking for some middle ground in my head for a long time. Not a blog, not social media, not articles...just a place to comment on stuff as I go about my life. Standard Notes seems perfect for that so that's how I ended up here.