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Review - Sacrifice by Derren Brown

Derren Brown is a unique television 'artist' well known in the UK for the last two decades but little abroad. Before I watched his new one-off special, 'Sacrifice', I had seen pretty much all of his other work.

The premise of this one-off Netflix special is to take a member of the public and manipulate/convince him into making the ultimate sacrifice: taking a bullet for a stranger.

You can watch the trailer here:


You can see in the trailer he takes a guy, Phil, a confessed anti-immigrationist, and attempts a psychological experiment to see if he can convince him to make the sacrifice.

I actually thought this was really good. There is always a backlash with any work of Derren Brown. Some claim it is 'fake', for example.

What is not clear to the casual viewer are his methods. Brown uses classic techniques like NLP and anchoring. These are proven to work, you can see examples of this in earlier shows where he gets people to willingly hand over their wallets, for example.

You can view that video of the wallet handover here:


Trust me, watch the video and then read the comments below, it will explain everything. It's a kind of 'conversational hypnosis'.

Anyway, judge it for yourself, I highly recommend it!

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