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Are we in a 'Climate Emergency'?

I generally keep up with the news but I still can't remember exactly when and from where the term 'Climate Emergency' came from in the last few months or so.

I hate hyperbole. In the UK, for example, there is a huge overuse of the phrase 'crisis'. So when I first heard the phrase 'climate emergency' I was skeptical. Was there some breaking scientific findings? Perhaps, but I never hear anyone presenting this new evidence that calls for a sudden gear change up in terms of taking or changing the action required.

Look, I am all for finding out how we can live sustainably. Unfortunately, we as middle class people consume a lot of resources to sustain our lifestyles. The West has led on this while emerging economies are catching up. You don't hear the narrative very often but it is often implied (and I agree with this) that it would be unfair to suddenly tell emerging economies that they cannot burn fossil fuels to catch up with the West. Rather the West should show the way forward with renewables. That said, I personally don't think it is possible to go 100% renewable any time soon. I'm a big proponent of nuclear technology. Do it right, and the risks can be minimized to almost nothing.

I heard the governor of California, Gavin Newsom, on TV the other day blaming the recent California wild fires on climate change, based on the recent higher-than-average frequency of these incidents.

I found this such a ridiculous statement to make. It's similar to when I hear people say 'it never snows anymore, it must be climate change!'.

These anecdotal experiences are far from real science. I sometimes wish that everyone was forced to take a semester in statistics as part of their education.

I mean, if you flip a coin, sometimes you will get four or five heads in a row. Does that mean that the coin is rigged? Of course not, it's well within the realms of scientific probability. We can even perform statistical tests to see if something is a coincidence or if it really is significant.

The whole climate change subject has become completely political. No public figure can even question anything about this subject without being victimized and compared to vaccine 'deniers'. I know for sure we are destroying habitats and creating pollution. I'm inclined to believe that humans might possibly be having some impact on weather and temperatures. I just wish there was less politics involved and greater awareness of science generally.

'Science' is not just watching a few Nat Geo documentaries. Most people don't know science at all and they don't question it enough. And because so much politics is involved in this climate change debate, it is even extremely difficult to find the raw facts which is all that anyone should be concerned about.

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