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Why No Cheap & Healthy Meals in the West?

One thing I struggle to understand is why it is not easy to find cheap and healthy food in the West?

Almost everywhere else in the world, you can leave your residence and find multiple places to eat out where the food is cooked from fresh ingredients and doesn't cost much. You can pretty much eat out every day.

Whereas in the West, if you want to eat out there is either unhealthy junk/fast food. If you want to eat healthily, you must go to restaurants.

OK, there are countries where living quarters are so small that most people don't even cook. They have to eat out. You could argue that the huge demand for such food is responsible for it being so cheap. Perhaps.

OK, in urban areas with a lot of people, there is a again a bigger captive audience for selling food to. Not the same for people in suburbia. Perhaps, but there is the equivalent of suburbia now in newly-developed countries and there are still a lot of local options for food.

I have visited America several times and once to what we might call a 'regular' town. I was shocked that there were no sidewalks, everyone drove everywhere. When you worked, you would go drive somewhere to eat. Though a restaurant, it was quite affordable. I think this is as close as it gets in the West to how people eat elsewhere.

But in Western Europe, I can tell you that the food situation totally sucks. There is nothing like either of these types of places to eat. The only cheap and easy food to obtain is unhealthy. If you want to eat better, you must pay a lot of money for a restaurant, a practise that is not sustainable even twice per week unless you have quite a good salary. Not to mention, what if you just want to eat healthy, but without all that jazz with the special service from the waiter and other staff. I just wanna eat haha!

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