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The sun is so low in winter...

I am definitely not a sun worshipper in that when the sun really comes out in summer I do not like to lie on the beach for hours with my skin burning.

But like most people I do miss it in the winter.

Where I live it has been cold and gray for many days, then the other day I saw a glimpse of the sun. I thought to myself that I must get out and soak up some rays and get my vitamin D.

One random fact I learned to avoid getting burned in the summer was to avoid time when the sun was at more than 45 degree angle to the ground. Basically, look at something casting a shadow like a person or a street light. If the shadow is the same size or taller than the object, then the sun is low enough intensity it is almost impossible for most people to burn. In the height of summer, this usually occurs around 3 or 4 pm.

So I noticed the other day that in the middle of Fall/Autumn that even at 12.30pm the shadows were very long.

I thought, could this really be?

Well yes, I used a site called suncalc.org and it allows you to enter any time and date and will show you sun positions. Turns out that in winter and surrounding months, even when the sun is highest it never gets anywhere close to 45 degrees, let alone more than that.

Maybe this sounds so ridiculously obvious to you but it never occurred to me until then. I suppose in winter that it should be quite difficult to see during hours of sunlight due to the low angle. I honestly cannot say I ever recall this.

But now that I have realized this, I will probably not be able to ever forget it, haha!

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