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Sleeping same bed as family?

My brother and I used to sleep in the same bed when we were on vacation. And I've shared the same bed with friends when on vacation and the hotel only had a huge double bed. No need for 'head to toe' bullshit.

I found this thread on Reddit today about a guy in his twenties who sleeps in the same bed as his grandfather. He made a 'confession' about it.

What's nice about this thread is all the people saying it's no big deal, why does society have to see it as 'weird' anyway.

A bed is a bed. It's a comfortable place that you go to rest. Why wouldn't someone ever share their bed with family or friend?

For those who just can't do it, I would suggest they have actually lost something and developed an insecurity. A bit like when people obsess over hygiene, for example.

Really nice and hardwarming read, take a look:


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