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The old days of making money on the internet

I don't make money on the internet anymore, not unless you count that bitcoin address I put under every post which to date I have earned nothing from :)

But I used to make money from the internet, starting all the way back from 2005.

A lot of people think that 'making money on internet' is some kind of scam. Absolutely not. There are more and more people doing it legitimately.

Really, it is running a business like has always happened in the offline world, just now doing it online.

You do though get a lot of people making money for activities that no sane person would call 'doing business'. Even though legal, it can get quite murky.

But for people doing it the right way, you normally have some kind of web site offering something, let's say factual content. Aside the content you will find advertising. When people click and/or eventually buy, you get commission.

But without visitors to your site, you can't make any money. You can get visitors from Google (same with any blog on listed.to) but not only can that take years to build to a seriously high level but it is also very volatile and you may receive almost nothing. You can pay for traffic but that is difficult for most. Building a brand takes time too.

My point is that building traffic is not easy. However, back in 2010 it was!

You see back then there was a site called ezinearticles.com. They used to regularly appear on the first page of results for any google search query. This site let you post articles on almost any subject, a bit like one massive multi-user blog.

It was really easy back in those days to just stuff your desired keyword (e.g. dog training books) into your article title and a few times in your article body and within a couple of days, boom, you were receiving dozens of visitors from Google, totally targeted traffic = $$$.

Those heady times lasted a few years until eventually google got their act together and that site almost disappeared off the radar. It still exists today but they (with their own advertising) cannot be making anywhere near the amount of money that they used to.

Nothing stays the same forever, especially when it comes to technology and the internet. Think about the web site you used to use five years ago. How many of them have already disappeared and are no more?

It's both fascinating and scary at the same time. In the pre-internet days, things were a lot more stable. Now, nothing is. It wouldn't surprise me if in the years to come, nobody stays at a job for more than 3 years. I mean, why would you? It's likely to be a shadow of it's former self in that timespan.

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