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Evo Morales Flees to Mexico - AI Generated Article

Evo Morales flees to Mexico after extradition bid is rejected by the US.

Morales, the head of Bolivia's leftwing coalition, has denied any wrongdoing.

"It's not true to say that he has committed a crime, because it is impossible to commit a crime in this world," said Morales on Wednesday in his first reaction to the news.

The US had said that it would not extradite Morales to face drug trafficking and corruption charges in the United States, but Washington had made clear that it would continue pursuing his case against Bolivia.

"We had a fair trial," Morales said. "The verdict of the Bolivian courts is consistent with the laws of this country."

Morales was detained on Friday at the airport in La Paz by Bolivian immigration officials.

Bolivia has called for the extradition and Morales had said his lawyer would seek to have his extradition rejected.

"I am very glad, but I am very worried," Morales said of the verdict. "I'm a very political person and have a very strong conviction that the state should be the guardian of the constitution."

Morales is a former Marxist guerrilla who has long espoused a vision of a more just world, including promoting his own brand of socialism. He has said the United States was behind the 2002 coup against his government and that the US embassy in Caracas has been a stronghold of political violence.

He has a reputation for fiery rhetoric, even if he sometimes lacks the charisma to follow through.

Morales said he would appeal, but he said he expected the Supreme Court to block his extradition.

If you got this far you should probably know that the above article was created by AI! It is totally unique. Pretty convincing, eh?

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