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Hate it when people prioritize phone over your presence

I'll admit to being somewhat sensitive, however I don't believe any of my related reactions are unjustified, with just a few exceptions.

Let me give you a prime example: the smartphone.

When I get together with a friend, there are moments when either of us might use our phones.

It could be that one of us gets a message and just has a quick look. No problem.

It could be after some minutes there is an 'interlude' of sorts when we are both just bored and having nothing to say at that moment. One of both of us might pull out our phones. Actually, when you're really comfortable with friends, you might both be surfing and occasionally talking for 10, 20 minutes.

What absolutely riles me is when a friend may be looking at something on their phone and you start talking to them again and they say 'wait' or something similarly direct. When the roles have been reversed, I always give me primary attention to whoever is sitting with me. It is rude otherwise. Sometimes, if I am sending an important message, I might excuse myself and plead for a minute, give my apologies, on account of how important it is that I finish what I'm doing. Other occasions I might finish up what I'm doing while talking to them and then put down the phone and devote full attention.

What I hate is when people stop you from interacting with them, they refuse to divert any attention whatsoever and just focus almost 100% on their phone. If I'm good friends with them I will tell them "come on dude put away your fucking phone", if I don't know them as well then it can be more uncomfortable.

This whole theme reminded me of an occasion when the 80s pop star Grace Jones 'attacked' an interviewer on live UK television. The guy had been extremely rude to her for the entire interview so please bear that in mind when you watch this cut:


He got what he deserved!

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