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Bow Bawang Cornick Hot Garlic Flavor

I also bought some of these from the asian supermarket recently.

I had no idea where they were from. I thought, perhaps Indonesia? But looking at their web site, it says the manufacturer is KSK Food Products from Caloocan City, the Philippines.

They are basically kernels of corn that have been fried (toasted?) and with some add spices.

Wow! These are amazing!

They are not THAT spicy, in fact they are not really very hot at all. But the garlic flavor is intense. I have had chips with garlic powder added before but these taste more 'real'. Maybe that's because there are small garlic pieces that I 'accidentally' found and I think they are toasted too.

The result is an incredible garlic taste. I would not eat these at work, lest your co-workers get offended!

Really, really good! Highly recommended!

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