COVID-19 Information

Update 2020-09-23: Some of the sources below have proven not to be as reliable as once thought. If you need a single go-to place for reliable COVID-19 information, this is it:

Video: No nonsense information about what this is and what you should know. Between this and the Vox article below, you will know all the essential, unemotional facts:

For a complete overview:

For keeping updated:

Reliable, trustworthy sources of information about COVID-19 coronavirus, in no particular order.

Understanding "Flattening the Curve"

Or why we are "sheltering in place."

Alternative Views

Note that these are interesting alternative views--not right or wrong. If you watched the video and read the Vox article, you might be wise to stop reading. Don't make yourself crazy.

Generally speaking, normal news media outlets are hysterical for your attention and tend to sensationalize, though local news outlets are probably useful.

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