Karl Murray

Unpublished Author. Writing short blogs so the ideas in my head are somewhere else.

Where the crawdads sing

Where the crawdads sing is a special film about familiar subject matter that was done in just the right way to keep me engaged throughout. The characters felt honest and real and not overly complicated. The film's tone is just right and while it does feel a bit slow at times it really doesn't linger too long. I went and saw this with my wife and we talked longer about this more than any movie that I can recall. It's worth the money, it isn't flashy or a mind bending thriller but with your attent...
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Firestarter review

Cody Carpenter's score walks through a movie that in all honesty should have stayed in 1984. Conceptually there is a lot to like in the movie but in 2022 we have seen it all before and seen it done better. Stagger things meets the suicide squad in what felt rushed, and oddly boring remake. I wanted to like this but it just didn't grab me the way it could have. I just can't recommend Firestarter, given more time it could have been great. ...
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What time is it anyway?

A bug in computer and systems engineering parlance is when software doesn't run in a way that you expect. In other words it runs perfectly well in a way that you don't want. As with other things in life allowing the perfect to get in the way of the good will keep most things from the ever existing. I've learned through my travels that when explaining something technical it is better to be simple than to be accurate and on November 3rd 1971 and engineer working on the Unix project noted the follo...
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Ode to the walnut on the ledge of my house

Oh walnut perched on my house; the Easter egg of a squirrel's creation. You were hidden in plane sight by a clever squirrel with either no, or incredibly large amounts of imagination. You sat there in the cold and wind and snow. I wondered if you were forgotten or saved for last. Today I will never know, for you are gone. Were you the reward of a clever squirrel, or the prize of a lucky one? Farewell walnut you served your tree well. ...
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Saying goodbye to my first love

In 1993 when I was 10 years old my mom went out and did something unthinkable. She went to the store and spent about $2,500 on a 'Leading Edge' computer. It was a 486 and ran windows 3.1. When I was a young child I thought I wanted to be a TV repair man, it seemed like the right thing to do for some reason. This idea quickly morphed into computer repair once I got my hands on one. At that time computers were still considered a luxury. We didn't even have dial up internet yet. The neighbor came d...
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