We need a (communication) system change

From the very beginning, communication was standardised.

First through a common vocabulary, then through mail, telecommunication and more “recently“ eMail.
Anybody can participate as long as they comply with the open standard that ensures everyone knows how to talk to each other.

But somehow, this all changed:
suddenly gatekeeping became accepted, either through non-standard closed off applications like Whatsapp or even hardware lock-ins like iMessage.
It was accepted to have no actual control over personal data.

This is wrong, every part of it is.

Why we need a change

Communication and collaboration is the driving force behind humanitys sucess, while capitalism enrages literally our world. The capitalist ideology of the abiding working class to fulfill their basic needs has creeped into the way we communicate.

With libre communication we can take a first step to break free! Free from gatekeeping, free from pressure to buy certain devices just to be able to communicate.

How YOU can do it

Join the revolution, be the change.

Try Matrix and ideally host your own server, move your team from slack to rocket.chat and build communities in the upcoming matrix spaces instead of discord.

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