Several hours have passed me by (Digital Detox Day 18)

So I got my Pixel 2 today. And I've spent the last several hours fussing around with it. Now I feel the same as yesterday, a bit jumbled and hyperactive. I wish I didn't feel the need to tweak technology to a perfect standard but the phone really is an upgrade than what I had before. I considered simply returning it because it was so different and there's way more features and settings, but it's better to have a phone that's reliable. Nonetheless, the GrapheneOS experiment didn't work, because OEM bootloading was greyed out - I screwed myself over by upgrading it to the latest version of Android, because Verizon's "security updates" were actually so you couldn't install a custom ROM; and the USB-C cord doesn't seem to be working with my laptop as I could downgrade the device and then do some kinda workaround thing. And then, I spent a good full minute looking for the headphone jack to realize THERE WAS NONE. I really bought a phone without a headphone jack and I didn't even know about it. Even with these difficulties, I said screw it, I like the thing. Perhaps at some point I'll buy a working USB-C cord to do some more troubleshooting, but, as I said, I really don't like spending hours doing that. It kills my mood. Now all that's left for me to do then is safeguard the device as much as possible from the prying eyes of Google - I bought the device just so I could install GrapheneOS on it, but now that I can't... I'm screwed over. I didn't sign in with a Google account and I'm not using any Google apps, except the default "Phone" app which I worry about, because they have access to your contacts, call history, voicemails, etc. But other than that, I'd say it's pretty locked down. Probably will just tweak those settings and leave it at that. 

I suppose part of my reasoning in having a reliable, fast phone, unlike the cheap one I had previously, is that it can eliminate a lot of the tasks I need my laptop to do. And the majority of my reasoning is that I'm studying abroad this summer, and I want something to take decent pictures with and that won't fail me overseas when I need to get in contact in people (the last time I studied abroad, I had phone problems and it was a MESS).

But I really need to call it a night. I spent a lot of time configuring it and whatnot, and I honestly just need to leave it be for now. I need to fix RescueTime so it shows an accurate measure of my hours spent on screens. Right now it's a little low and I'm not believing it; my screen time has actually been quite high this week. It appears I'm a bit unfocused right now when it comes to this digital detox, and need to re-evaluate my goals and the meaning of it all. Plus I've been staying up too late and the days have been blending. I hope this weekend I get a chance to slow it all down and get back on track.

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