Stay hard (Digital Detox Day 20)

Late post, will be short since I want to get to bed, get up early, and start my morning right. As I said in the last post, and as I'm truly starting to absorb: this is more than a digital detox. Fundamentally, lessening the use of digital technologies will NOT make your life better. But I'm beginning to identify something else to fill its place, something I want to devote my life to. And that's my health, and living in tune with nature. I watched a podcast of the Joe Rogan Experience with a man named David Goggins. I'm sure that I mentioned in at least one of my blog posts that I thought the majority of self-improvement books/concepts were frauds, but this man is genuine. I don't expect to be a hardcore trainer like him, but I love his mindset. I love his devotion in always being his authentic self, and not taking any bullshit. THAT is the life I want to live. I'm not going to measure my life by milestones handed down to society from institutions - education, jobs, wealth, etc. To hell with college! I'm of course going to get my degree, but it's on my own terms. No more grinding in the library, or stressing over tests. It's honestly not worth spending my time on. Instead, I'm going to get my workouts in, self-educate about things I actually care about, fight my depression demons, and try to cultivate love and positivity in my life, instead of defeat and hatred. I'm minimizing my posessions even further. I want to live with less, and be able to support myself with the least amount of money possible. I'm headed in a good direction. This is the track I need to stay on. With that, I'm headed to the gym in the morning tomorrow. I already got a workout in today - I have exercise-induced rhinitis which always sucks. Essentially that means after pushing myself physically, I always have cold-like symptoms after, and a runny nose that never stops FOR DAYS. I got a nasal spray from the doctor but I'm not sure if it's working. Nonetheless, I'm gonna keep going. Exercise and nature really help my mental health. It helps me connect with the body and what's real in this world, not fabricated conceptions of what we should care about, a "reality" that's not really reality...stay hard!

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