Screens = brain sugar (Digital Detox Day 23)

I've been getting in this bad habit of posting late, because I've been staying up later, most likely the result of spending time messing around on the gosh dang laptop. It's like I lose track of time. I got home today, went on my run, and then as a reward, decided to spend hours on YouTube. @self -- No! What do I need to do, shock myself? So Cold Turkey Blocker is back, once again banning YouTube and Reddit! And I know I'm not enthusiastic about getting school work done, but this is how it's been going these past couple days: have an assignment due the day of. Get a workout in before. Procrastinate by surfing the web. Do the assignment late in the night. Go to bed after not doing the millions of other things I could've done to wind down, like cleaning my room, playing my guitar, reading. I haven't really done much personal reading recently for this reason, because I push off my assignments by procrastinating which also pushes off my free time. Because why would I procrastinate with healthy habits when the web is at my fingertips? I've broken this digital detox so many times I feel guilty when I increase the counter by one in every blog title. I think I'm gonna have to reset as soon once I get my life sorted out...because I certaintly didn't really make it this far. Yeah I've been working out but I'm not where I thought I'd be. Where I thought I should be, for this far in the detox. I still splurge hours on YouTube, even though I know better.

Not much to say today either. I might've had more to say had I simply posted after my workout and proceded to get some of my growing pile of homework done, but after numbing my mind I've become thoughtless. So there's that. I actually did have this thought, during my run, that it wasn't going so well. And that's because I filled my body up with crap beforehand. That's how I feel now, trying to write this post. I was watching meme compilations beforehand and now I'm trying to think of something wise and thoughtful but it's not going so well. Screens are a bunch of brain sugar. I have cravings for the screens just like how I do for junk food, and they're both hindering my personal growth. 


I took a break from this post because my mom wanted to tell me to check my email after something she saw on the TV. Looks like some of my classes will be moved online, and spring break is extended until further notice b/c of Coronavirus. This may or may not be a good thing, but either way... YEET YEET YEET YEET (I yeet in response to the longer spring break, but...the shift to online is PROBABLY going to kill me. We'll see how that goes)

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