The Human Condition (Digital Detox Day 26)

Though I've been on a digital detox, I've been listening to a lot of podcasts, watching videos, and reading blogs on rewilding. I'll make an exemption for that, because I'm in a transitory period right now. My mindshift about life is changing like never before and the information I've been finding the average person doesn't know or care about. My addiction to screens, on an individual level, might've had to do with my avoidance and depression. But collectively, it's one of many vices that surmount from "The Human Condition." See here.

I like this image a lot. It's like a tragic comedy. Ironically, it reminds me of the format of those "virgin vs. chad" memes from 4chan. 99.99% of us (including myself) are the beta modern human on the right: slaves to modern society, attempting to solve our problems caused by it with solutions offered to us by the same system. For example, I thought that by taking antidepressants I could "cure" my depression. Or by getting a good job and keeping involved in school I could "cure" my internet addiction. But they're all one in the same thing. I never once considered the environment I was in, the environment we're ALL in. I worry for America, especially its cities. Because I know they all got the same bullshit.

Light example, but today on a walk to the library, I see a group of 4-5 city workers standing around, each holding a leafblower, blowing around a SMALL pile of leaves on a WINDY DAY. So that's where my taxpayer dollars go! Now multiply this example in scale and impact and voila, you've got America! Full of nonsense and meaninglessness. 

Now, I don't necessarily look like the dude on the right, but I sure feel how he would feel. And I'm sure a lot of us do. After learning about the harm the modern environment does to us, I have urges to escape, but there's no where really to least not now. All that's left for me to do is get my mind in order, as the Stoics would suggest, and not to blame the environment while remaining stagnant. But it is a little too easy to lose your mind in all the noise. It's designed this way. But I will try, nonetheless.

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