How to teach a child to order and cleanliness

When a little child begins to scatter cars and dolls, to make a mess in the room, parents ask themselves this question. Lack of cleanliness leads to serious family scandals, after which mutual understanding and even trust is broken. Children do not listen to prohibitions, they often do exactly the opposite of parental orders. To insist, to threaten is pointless, it will cause negative emotions.

How to generate interest in cleanliness, develop the habit of cleaning?

Stages of teaching children order
Children do not understand the importance of daily maintenance and cleaning of the apartment , especially if dad cannot explain why they should not throw toys around . Do not get down to business if the child does not want to participate, help. Everything happens gradually, but there are some stages - where to start and where to go.

stages of teaching children order

The first is to be aware
Show why you need to put things in the dresser, make the bed. Theoretical explanations are not enough, they are poorly understood. Illustrative examples will help you to understand the essence. Show that the T-shirt lying on the floor is dirty and wrinkled, it is not nice to wear it. It is uncomfortable to lie or sit on an unmade bed.

The second is to plan
Plan your day to fit your cleanliness schedule. For example, get up early in the morning, make your bed, clean up your clothes after sleep, water a houseplant. After school, kindergarten - put toys, books in place, dust off the table.

It is important that the kid does it himself. Teach you how to put shirts in a locker, put a stool to reach the shelves. Show how to water a flower, where to get a watering can. A child has less strength and skills than an adult. When introducing the habits, adapt to the age. Learns to clean up - yes, but the baby does not vacuum himself. But he will put the dishes in the sink for sure.

The third is the right mood
Don't talk a lot about making life easier. Information is served playing, not overloading with statements, teachings. Remain optimistic and encouraging - looking at mom, the child will gradually understand that cleaning is fun, not difficult and interesting.

Fourth - action
They act after realizing the need and without a bad mood. The work is built into the schedule, tied to the event - mom will return home, it's time to have supper and sleep. For example, woke up - made the bed, came from the street - wipe your shoes. Skills arise from the regularity of the "rituals" being performed daily.

First, it will water the flower as a reminder, later - for a specific event. When the habit is formed, it will do without reminders, discontent. As motivation, they give a reward - a sweetness, a little thing. They compose a calendar-diary, with writing tasks for today and crossing out the past days with a pencil.

During the game
Playful things are done better - interesting, uncomplicated and fun. Develop a quest - divide what is happening into stages, for the completion of each - encouragement or accrual of points with subsequent accumulation. A sufficient number of glasses after a few days, weeks are exchanged for special goodies, they buy a toy.

Tips to help make parenting easier
how to simplify parenting

do not indulge in whims, harm. Broke a thing, do not shout - explain the seriousness of the error, suggest correcting the situation by cleaning, behavior;
after the conflict, do not stay away - show love, tenderness. The child should not feel dislike, consider his parents as enemies. The golden mean is to make it clear that you are wrong, but without the counter negative;
do not scold, do not punish without asking the reasons. The vase is broken - ask why it happened, what was the reason. Don't punish or blame - it will cause aggression.
An interested child will clean up regularly if there is interest and skills. Shouting and forcing is the path to reflex. During deliberate work on habits, logical thinking, self-awareness, and social skills are revealed. Learning is facilitated by the atmosphere in the family and a vivid example, which can be the professionals of the Maid Svc cleaning services in Miami Beach company. We offer services for daily and pre-holiday clutter elimination at the highest level by specialized teams.

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