You shouldn't need to take holidays

A lot of people, in fact, the majority of people, take holidays in our Western societies. It's considered normal.

But what is normal? Simply put, something is normal when everyone does it.

But it's not because everyone does something, that you should do it too. And this is especially the case regarding holidays.

In our current society, holidays are used by the global population as a way of escaping their reality. A pocket of oxygen, giving them some short-term pleasure, and motivation to work again a whole year to afford their next trip. This is something I truly don't understand.

But first, let's ask ourselves why people want (or need) to obtain this pocket of air. It's pretty simple. Working every single day from 9 to 5 isn't what we humans were made for. Your dog doesn't work from 9 to 5. He lives his life. That's how simple it is. His days are incredibly simple: he eats, he sleeps, he plays, and he walks. That's it. Nothing more. He hasn't any schedule. He hasn't someone he works for. And most importantly, he is living, not surviving like most humans do. And guess what? He doesn't need holidays.

Your dog isn't taking holidays, mainly because he isn't smart enough to figure out how to take a plane, but also, simply because he is living the life he is supposed to live. Which means he doesn't need these holidays. He doesn't need this pocket of oxygen, because he has plenty of it every day.

You aren't made for your 9-to-5 job. You are made to live.

But how can we live?

The first, and most important step, is to become financially independent. You don't want to be dependent on your 9-to-5 job. You don't want to live from paycheck-to-paycheck.

A lot of people believe they are free because they are living in a democracy. And yes, democracies are a first step towards this freedom. However, there are still a lot of other steps which follow it.

If you have debt, you aren't free. If you have a 9-to-5 job, you aren't free. If you need to save money for something, you aren't free. If you need to please someone, you aren't free. If you need to lose weight, you aren't free. If you need to wake up at a certain hour, you aren't free.

Simply put, if you need to adapt your natural, human behavior because of something, you aren't free.

Laws limit freedom. Which is why we should be seeking a minimal amount of laws, and make them as simple as possible.

To come back to the initial part of this blog post, this holiday-mania reflects in my opinion how unfree the majority of the population is.

Holidays represent this glimps into the freedom people would like to have, but haven't.

You shouldn't need to take holidays, because your everyday life should be fulfilling enough.

Oh, and if you are truly free, you don't need to take "a break".

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