Do you really want to live longer?

I recently started reading Homo Deus, by Yuval Noah Harari. And at the beginning of the book, he starts talking about how the world would look like if the average lifespan was around 150.

While it may seem like not much would change, I can guarantee you the world would be radically different.

  • We would need to make of the Mars colonization a priority, because there would just be too much people on Earth.

  • Murderers would be able to actually get out of prison, even with a 100-year sentence.

  • Wealth gaps would be even larger, as Warren Buffet would only be a bit over the first half of his life. He would still have more than 60 years to continue accumulating more money.

  • You would know your grand-grand-grand-fathers and mothers. Because of that, family gatherings would be absolutely gigantic, as you would need to invite tens of people just to cover your "close" family.

  • I'm pretty sure there would also be many more suicides. Just the thought of having to live 130 more years when you are 20 and poor in an under-developed country, is not really motivating.

  • You would also have to regularly go back to your studies, as instead of having an average career of around 40 years, most people would now be working twice, if not three times as longer. Career shifts would be a really big thing.

  • Family-ran companies would also be big thing. And some exceptionally talented entrepreneurial beings would create absolute empires in our capitalistic society (Amazon, but 10 times worse).

  • With the inflation, 1$ at the beginning of your lifetime, would at the end of your lifetime, have lost 99% of its real value.

  • Wars would be even more destructive, by killing people who could have contributed during tens (if not hundred) of more years to society.

So I'm not sure it would actually be a good idea to live longer. And certainly not to reach immortality.

The fact that you know there will eventually be an end to your life, is precisely what's motivating to take action in my opinion, and to enjoy it as much as possible.

But if you are immortal, why go climbing the Kilimanjaro? You will still be there tomorrow to do it.

Though, with immortality, I mean that the healthcare sector could find a solution to "cure" aging. But if you would get hit by a car, you would still die.

So immortal people would be living an incredibly anxious life, and would certainly avoid creating bucket lists with insane things on it, like climbing the Kilimanjaro, simply because it's too dangerous.

Coming back to the 150-year lifespan scenario, if you are 20, would you still risk your life by skiing in an unauthorized area? I doubt it. You would literally be risking 130 more years of life.

Do you still want to reach immortality now?

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