Nihilism vs Kindness

Chaos of life

I'm a proud auntie hearing news about the countless awards Everything, Everywhere All at Once team are receiving. This awards season prompted me to watch Youtube reviews of this piece of art. I revisited the gamut of beautifully chaotic emotions this movie allowed me to experience. It's funny, it's messy, it's heartfelt, it's filled with action scenes that doesn't miss a beat.

The movie explores existential nihilism. In the grand scheme of universe, all the insiginificant details of our human existence has no value. When I am overwhelmed with the chaos of my life, the easy choice is to sweep the significance of our dreams under the rug.

The face of nihilism

Just like Jobu Topaki, when I feel like missing a step in becoming a better human, I resort to nihilism and pessimism.

Yesterday, I saw this pessimism in the lady at the grocery store. She wore her frown with headphones in the busy marketplace. On difficult days, I choose this un-sunny b*tch attitude.
Tending towards entropy, it was far easier to allow myself to think that nothing matters. The world is a bad place, I should act as if this is true.

Choosing kindness

"When I choose to see the good side of things, I'm not being naive. It is strategic and necessary. It's how I learned to survive through everything." - Waymond

Life can be difficult. Positivity despite the eternal pessimism is a concious effort to battle existential nihilism. Being kind and seeing the positive is a healthier choice.

Some days it's easier to be pulled by entropy and believe that nothing matters.
Postiivity is choosing to thread life with hopeful that we can encounter moments that will make our tiny life significant.