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Introduction to Python Programming

How to Configure Git with VS Code

This is a Windows based tutorial so steps may differ on different operating system.

  1. Install VS Code from Official Website:
  2. Install Git SCM from:
  3. Open VS Code VS-Code.png
  4. Go to "terminal" from menu bar Clipboard-2020-12-12-23-57-27.png
  5. Select "new terminal" Menu-bar.png
  6. Make sure that you have proper version of git installed by using git --version command. You should have version 2.x.x for proper working in VS Code. Git-Version.png
  7. Now update git config with name and email by using git config --global "moodser" and git config --global "mood******" command
  8. You can verify that either your email and name is properly set or not by using git config --global --list command Config.png
  9. If you are creating a new project, you can navigate to your project folder and type git init
  10. You can create a remote repository on GitHub after creating an account. The remote repository can be added by using git remote add origin********.git command in project directory.
  11. If you are already have a project on GitHub you can simply clone it using the Left Navigation bar of VS Code (Source Control option).
  12. Provide the link of remote repository to clone. Add-Remote-Directory.png

Thats it! For complete guide of GitHub commands please refer to their official handbook at: