I used to run a blog until I quit after a year due to pressure. I don't post religiously so I didn't have much readers.

In an attempt to save my blog's traffic, I tried to read some “how to blog” posts online and did what they said except from buying my own domain. Since I was literally posting just about my personal experiences before I read that article, I thought to myself I was doing it wrong. The article said “no one cares about your personal life” and “people care more about short, informative articles now” so I immediately changed my style to a more marketable content. Good thing I learned journalism basics.

Before, I would just follow the flow of words in my head. But ever since reading that, writing became a very dreadful task for me. I guess it's because our purpose did not align. That blog was meant to help those who want to monetize their blogs. Guess what, that's not what I want to do when I first started my blog. I write because I want to organize my thoughts. In the end, I felt very pressured and left it into dust.

To be honest, if I continued writing article-style posts, my previous blog would be doing better now. But I just can't continue it anymore. It really drains me and I don't want to hate writing. I know I made the right decision. I still write on my notes app. I mean, I'll drown with my thoughts if I don't.

Instead of running a blog and try to figure everything out, I decided to come here and just write whenever I feel like it. I like this better than any other blogging platform. No pressure. Just my pure thoughts.

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